Introducing Optimist

We inspire world class values in team-building, leadership skills and personal development, helping businesses build a culture to succeed.

How are we different?

We’ve led teams on the international sports field, climbing up and down mountains, out on the open seas and now in the boardroom.

How do we work?

We provide motivational talks, workshops and seminars tailored to your needs, whether it’s an hour, half-day or full weekend away.

Who we work with

We’ve worked with Google, HSBC, Tesco, PWC, Dark Horses, Wooden Spoon and Alzheimer’s Society to name a few.

“An inspirational presenter on leadership – he gives invaluable insights from leading teams in the most challenging environments in the world, and the world of sport, all applied with tremendous perception to the world of business” –

Partner, PWC

“Ollie was a key note speaker at our sport and health technology event smash. He did an outstanding job and his personality captivated the audience from the very first moment”

– CEO, Smash Helsinki

“Ollie is an inspiring person to listen to and learn from. His experiences both in the sporting and business world show’s he can adapt and lead teams in any challenging situation”

– Relationship Director, HSBC

About Optimist Performance

“Since I retired from professional rugby I’ve been fortunate to get involved in a number of life-changing challenges. Like my rugby, they’ve taught me huge amounts about leadership, team-building and managing change in adversity.

Working at PWC, I’ve also learnt how powerful these intangibles can be in the world of business when they’re harnessed into words, values and actions to create a winning culture.

And that’s why I’ve set up Optimist – to impart that same knowledge and help other businesses & teams exceed their potential.”


Ollie Phillips – Founder, Optimist Performance

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