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Optimist Health Check

Harnessing the power of data-driven and team performance insights…


Optimist’s Health Check is designed for organisations and leaders aspiring to empower high-performance teams to reach their utmost potential.

Why Choose Health Check

Unlike other data-driven offerings, our Business Health Check goes beyond the surface, diving into the nitty-gritty to deliver the exceptional team performance insights that Optimist has become synonymous with.

Precision Analysis Survey

Detailed Report of Findings


Interpretive Debrief Session

How it Works:



  1. DIGITAL SURVEY: We use precision analysis to build a comprehensive profile of your team performance, all you have to do is complete one survey.
  2. ADVANCED ANALYSIS: You’ll receive a detailed report with all the findings.
  3. INTERPRETATION AND INSIGHTS: We go beyond the data to provide you with an in-depth debrief session with our exceptional team.

Are you ready to go from great to world class?