Pushing boundaries

Ollie Phillips has captained England and led teams on land and sea across six continents. Now a corporate director, he’s putting his experience to use as a speaker and business mentor.

International sports pedigree

Few have captained England at Twickenham. Even fewer have also won in New Zealand. Ollie Phillips has done both.

Blue chip Director

As a blue chip Director who has worked with Google and other leading brands, Ollie can harness his life experiences and make them relevant to your business.

Ollie Phillips – Founder, Optimist Performance

Like many former elite sportsmen and women, Ollie’s speaking is anchored in blood, sweat and tears. The crucial difference is that being a Director at PWC allows him to apply all of these life experiences to the business world.


  • Ex-England Rugby captain
  • World Sevens Player of the Year
  • Second-in-command sailing around the world
  • Cycled across America
  • Led team up Kilimanjaro in 2018
  • Leading team up Everest in 2019
  • Guinness World Record-holder
  • Director at PWC
  • Motivational speaker, mentor & consultant

“It was fascinating learning about the mind set change from one challenge to the next. Having an insight into how Ollie encouraged himself and others through a range of challenges was incredibly motivating“

– Zero Dry time

“We invited Ollie to Guernsey for the Wooden Spoon 6 Nations fundraiser. He was brilliant, our guests loved his stories. We would highly recommend him for both charity and corporate events“

– Things to Do Guernsey


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