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One lesson we have all learnt this past year is that change is the only constant. And while the fundamental pillars of leadership haven’t changed, circumstances sure have. Leaders need to adapt to these new circumstances and be prepared to focus on what matters to the people they are leading. 

Here are five essential points for leaders to focus on in the near future:

Relationships, human connections and the wellbeing of people

Over the recent weeks and months, the value of human interactions and how important meaningful relationships are to us has become very clear.

This last year has shown us how essential those relationships are to us all, and with it, it has brought an increased awareness of how much an absence of these relationships can impact our mental health. 

Leaders will need to keep this in mind when looking at the future: 

Workspaces need to be redesigned with social integration and community creation at their heart, instead of the traditional function of office space. 

Activities need to be reengineered to centre around building substantial and deeper connections between individuals. So that those relationships become more powerful and deep-rooted in the future. 

Implementing mental health programmes that help safeguard and support people moving forward. This action will create safer environments in which people feel comfortable talking about their issues. 

Adapting to new generations coming into the workplace

Leaders have to be aware and prepared to provide the relevant environments if they want to bring in new and valuable talent into their teams.

Younger generations are increasingly looking to people and organisations that play to their passions and beliefs, with money becoming less of a motivator. 

They want to work for organisations that care about important issues and try to play their part to solve them. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Awareness has been rising for years now, and it will continue to increase in the years to come. 

Leaders have to make a more considered effort to create a more inclusive workspace by placing diversity and equality at the heart of everything they do. 

Moving towards a more agile, flexible and independent work environment

People have demonstrated that they can be held accountable and trusted without being monitored every minute of every day. Leaders have seen that it is possible to be productive even when people are not in the office every day. 

Creating new strategies where flexible and remote working is the new norm would be essential for leaders who want to attract and retain the best talent. 

Using technology to deliver value

Technology has been one essential part for everyone at work this past year. We all have grown accustomed to it now. 

We have learnt that creating relationships, working together as teams, and having valuable conversations is possible through our computers. And even though it will never replace human connections, it still offers excellent opportunities for leaders to deliver against leadership’s core values.

Technology offers multiple channels for open and constant communication. Which could help leaders deliver a more authentic leadership style and message. 

It presents new methods for people to work remotely while still working together as a team. 

It allows new and better opportunities for leaders to acquire the best possible talent for their organisations. 


The current situation provides opportunities to create better environments, with inclusion and diversity at its core. Leaders need to do their part, but so do we. We all have a role to play and must take action to create a new and better future. 

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