Tailor-made talks

We offer speaking, workshops and ongoing consultancy. Some businesses opt for regular contact, others for longer one-off sessions.

“Ollie is inspirational and I would recommend him to any business looking to inspire a team and get them thinking about mindset and personal growth”

– MD, Dark Horses

“As an event organiser I found Ollie great to work with. His talk was perfect – engaging visuals, amusing stories and an inspirational yet humble tone. We received a ton of incredibly positive feedback after the event.”


“Ollie was a key note speaker at our sport and health technology event smash. He did an outstanding job and his personality captivated the audience from the very first moment”

– CEO, Smash Helsinki

How we help

Ollie is a proven team-leader and specialises in four core areas:

  • Team-building
  • Leadership
  • Culture & resilience
  • Change management

By applying these to the workplace with practical case studies we challenge you across three distinct stages – Inspiration, Exploration, Implementation – to think differently, improving management and productivity in key areas, including:


  • Helping leaders lead
  • Growing innovation
  • Developing teams
  • Building relationships
  • Resolving challenging or stressful situations

Inspiration – Exploration – Implementation

We don’t like to label what we do ‘motivational speaking’ because it’s a more of a two-way street than that and it typically happens in three phases.

First, in the inspiration stage, we challenge you to think about how you’re operating at the moment. In the exploration stage we find out more about you, your goals and how you’re set up to achieve them. Then in the implementation stage we help you define and grow the culture, behaviour and processes you need to succeed. All of this can happen in a number of ways:


  • 45-minute pep talk or speech
  • 2-3 hour focused session
  • half-day, full day or weekend workshops
  • Multiple sessions (typically 3-4) across 3-6 months.
  • For competitive prices for these or regular longer-term contact sessions get in touch

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