Optimist Performance

A Great Business Leadership Podcast is Born!

There is no better time than NOW for a personal mindset shift. We know that in challenging times of isolation, injury or loss it’s easy to feel down. It happens to everyone! You may be a leader or executive, or someone who wants a better life. And starting the day with a great leadership podcast is one way to start a transformation in your mind. It is a massive boost to your psyche. And with the right encouragement, the way you think and take action will change. So build yourself up with some encouraging content every day!

Sign: You are what you listen to.


Humble podcast beginnings

Being stuck at home during the spring of 2020 has presented challenges to everyone. And always an Optimist, Ollie Phillips saw the opportunity to help more people with positive growth messages that are an encouragement. So starting in May, Ollie Phillips and Nick Harrington joined together to deliver great new interviews with business leadership strategies. The purpose is of The Growth Show falls right in line with the purpose of Optimist Performance. The show delivers great, inspiring content. It helps you feel connected and take positive actions to face fears and challenges.

Interviews include business leaders, Mike Friday, Matthew Campbell-Hill, Ollie Phillips, and Tom Pickering, to name just a few. They each share openly their business leadership success tips and tricks, along with key decisions they’ve made along the way. Successful leaders understand that what you put into your mind is what you are going to get out of it. This new business leadership podcast is specifically for helping people take a more positive look at growth and opportunity. It can help you as a business leader to move toward positive growth and take action, starting with the right mindset.

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The podcast is on YouTube, so after you watch the encouraging interview below, Click here to watch more great business leadership interviews on YouTube.

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